Why am I seeing my created route in a different language?

When creating a route, the language you see is determined by two settings: the "Website Language" and the "Original Route Language".

  1. Website language

    Website Language: This is the overall language setting of the website, controlled by the flag icon in the top right corner. This setting affects the website's interface and the translation of your routes.

  2. Route text language set to english

    Original Route Language: This is the language in which you initially input the route's text. You select it when creating the route.

The confusion might arise if these settings don't match. For instance, if you create a route in Dutch (Original Route Language), but the Website Language is set to English, the system will automatically translate the route to English.

To avoid this, ensure the Website Language matches the Original Route Language. If you want to create a route in Dutch, first set the Website Language to Dutch using the flag icon.

Please note, when you view a saved route, it displays in the Website Language, regardless of the Original Route Language. Change the Website Language if needed.

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