I see Routiq Premium in my bank statements / withdrawals

When you see "Routiq Premium" in your bank account statements, it means that you have a Routiq premium subscription.

  • If you have a routiq / route.nl account
    • You can cancel it by following the instructions of this link.
  • If you don't have a Routiq account anymore
    • Go to the inbox of the email that you used to subscribe to Routiq premium
    • Search for "Routiq premium incoice"
      • It's important to check other e-mail adreses as well if you are unable to find this mail
    • Try to log in with this email address into Routiq to be sure your account does not exists anymore.
      • Request a new password if you forgot your old one (You can do this on https://routiq.com/login )
      • If you are able to login, follow the instructions of this link.
    • If you were unable to log in you can reply to the invoice email. This will take some time, we would appreciate it if you can try to execute the previous steps as precisely as possible.
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